Working For Quincy

At Work: Growing up and starting a family in Quincy, I know firsthand the transformations our city has undergone. I also know we have a lot of work ahead to make Quincy the best it can be and I am proud to work for you in making Quincy a better place to live. From chairing the committee on veterans services, to advocating for our seniors, I am honored to work for my Ward Five neighbors every day.


Leadership: As City Council President, I've taken the lead when it comes to controlling our City's spending. We've also taken steps to make sure that we're investing where it counts: in streets and sidewalks, and in battling the addiction crisis. 

Constituent Services: I strive to deliver the most responsive representation possible to my neighbors in Ward Five. That’s why I organize regular community meetings to bring city government to the people. Thanks to the Quincy Police Department, I organized a crime prevention seminar to help keep our streets safer. I also hold regular events for our seniors and am proud to deliver on initiatives like installing a safer pedestrian crossing area for Fenno House residents. Whether it is over the phone, via email or right on my front step, hearing directly from the community is my job. Please get in touch today and let’s work together to make Quincy a better place to live, work and raise a family. I've also implemented an online newsletter to keep you up to date on key issues and events in our city.

Growing Our Economy: I'm focused on working with our community to grow economic development in the city. I helped to create, implement and sponsor Wollaston Park-In Day- an interactive event to promote our Wollaston Center Business District. I'm working collaboratively with the Planning Department to reinvent Wollaston. And I've hosted community meetings with the planning department, Mayor' Office and MAPC to come up with a strategy to move Wollaston Center forward.

Giving You A Voice: I am proud to work toward giving Ward 5 residents the opportunity to have their voices heard, and learn about key issues. I've hosted forums on FEMA flood maps, and have helped give the community the opportunity to register opinions and have their questions and concerns answered. I've also hosted community meetings on "Staying Safe in the Neighborhood," with helpful crime prevention tips.

My Involvement: Currently serving as City Council President
Past Committees: Veterans’ Services Committee (past chairman), Senior Citizens Committee, Housing Parks and Recreation, Library, and Historic Places


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